Our business lines includes part washers,  gun washers, solvents and thinners as well as the handling of  liquid industrial waste streams.  Our service area is the greater Toronto area in southern Ontario.

Part Washers
We supply machines or service your parts washer equipment / unit and remove waste products.

Water Based Part Washers and Water Based Solutions:
Environmentally friendly aqueous machines and cleaning/degreasing products.


High grade parts washer solvents, safety solvent and  non WHMIS controlled Solvent.

Paint Gun Washers:
We supply machines or service your gun washer equipment for use with thinner or
aqueous (water) based solvents.

High grade gun wash and specialty thinners.

Liquid Industrial Waste Disposal:
Waste Management - Solvents,  oil, glycol, light fuels, paint related material and other waste streams.

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