Go Green... environment friendly solvent, water based (aqua) cleaning solutions and parts washer / gun washer machines for a greener Ontairo.

The following link connects to Environment Canada’s web pages pertaining to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).  Included is a section for Cleaning & Degreasing as well as Auto Finish Coatings.   http://www.ec.gc.ca/nopp/voc/en/index.cfm

Cleaning Solutions that are Non-WHMIS Controlled and Environment Friendly:

Norpar 15 Solvent  (Paraffinic Hydrocarbons)
Tested by our Customers and proved to be effective for cleaning and degreasing
parts and tools.  Use in traditional parts washer machines.

Solution 2000 (Water Based Cleaner)
Manufacturer recommended for most cleaning applications. Use in heated parts washer.

Tarksol Aqueous (Water Based Cleaner)
Used in our water based brake cleaner.

 Featured Parts Washer and Paint Gun Washer Machines:  

Parts Washers

Model KT4000
Heated Parts Washer

Designed for water based cleaning solutions


Model KT1435
Portable Brake Washer

Designed for water based cleaning solutions.


Gun Washers

Model DW1925
Manual Gun Washer

Stainless steel construction for use with thinner or waterborne solution


Model UN120W
Manual Gun Washer

Designed for waterborne solutions


 Contact us for manufacturer details or other models available.