HWIN LDR Tutorial:

This is a tutorial on the registration process for the LDR (Land Disposal Restriction).  Below is a step by step process on how to register. 

1:  First you will need to go to the
hwin site and log-on.

2:  Once you are logged in move your cursor over the Administration link and click on Waste Information from the drop down menu that appears.
(see picture below)

3. Next you will need to click on View Details (if you have multiple waste classes you will have to complete the next few steps for each waste class you have) 

4: Then click on the link under Waste Type which then will bring you to the LDR registration form. 
(Step 5 has examples of the LDR Registration Form.)

5:  Below are 4 sample forms for 211 H waste paint related material &  213 -  Petroleum Distillates. 

Waste Generated over 100kg per month.

Waste Generated under 100kg per month.

Once your are done filling out the form click on the Print Part 2B button - It will print the form out for you, then

fax a copy to Sav-Tech Solvent at 905-438-0734.

Also make sure you click on the Update button when you are finished.