High grade parts washer solvents, specialty solvents, environment friendly non WHMIS Regulated Solvents.

Product Number:Description:
No. 10 SolventQuality virgin petroleum product. Less odour than recycled solvents.
No. 150 Safety SolventQuality virgin petroleum product. High flash point with less vapour.
No. 200 Norpar SolventNon-WHMIS controlled solvent. Biodegradable with high flash point.
Solution 2000Water based parts cleaning solution.
Tarksol HTF-10Water based brake cleaning solution. (Used in our Brake Buddy Units)
No. T-1176 ThinnerGun Wash Thinner used for cleaning spray guns, paint cans and spatulas
No. T-1158 ThinnerPrimer and Paint Thinner
No. T-1122 StripperUsed for furniture stripping